Ordinary people doing extraordinary things: 300k Challenge

Four local lads took raising money for frontline NHS staff to the next level, as they embraced an endurance challenge that would put even the fittest to the test. 

With Lee as ringleader he somehow managed to get Keith, James and Craig to agree to run (separately of course) 10k everyday over the month of April, totalling 300 kilometres each – that’s the equivalent of over 28 marathons.

They wanted to raise awareness and show their support for their heroes, Lee said: “there is nothing right now more deserving than the amazing NHS staff that put their lives at risk everyday helping to fight Coronavirus.”

The total of 1200 kilometres has been run but the fundraising total continues to increase.  Currently they have raised over £5,600 for NHS staff.

If you would like to donate please visit; Just Giving 

* information correct as of 14 May 2020


Left to right: Craig Reid, Keith Richards, Lee Richards and James Mackie.

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