Budding photographer uses lockdown to improve his skills

Ryan, a Primary 2 pupil from Fernielea school, caught our eye with his striking photography. Using his time during lockdown and with some teaching from his mum, Ryans skills have improved greatly and photography has become a true passion for him.

Each photograph is carefully planned out as he investigates different angles, slowly taking his time to ensure he has the best shot lined up and once the shot has been captured he checks once again to make sure he is happy with the image.

Picking up the camera on and off for the last year, Ryan loves to photograph Royal Air Force aircrafts, planes, the moon and wildlife. With the beach being his favourite hangout spot, he also loves to capture boats, especially the Northlink Ferry & The Marine Ships, and surfers.

Photography really helps Ryan and has become a favourite past time during lockdown. Amazing his mum of his achievements on a daily basis, I think we can agree he has a real talent.

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