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If you're thinking about setting up a new business or have queries about your existing business, we can help you negotiate the apparent maze of consumer laws that may affect you.

Our officers are here to help you understand the requirements of the law - not just to see that the law is observed. So - what help can we offer you? We have a wide range of jargon-free guidance notes for businesses, covering subjects such as credit, counterfeit goods, cars, doorstep selling, second-hand goods, upholstered furniture, pricing, weights and measures, trade descriptions, etc. You can order them from the list on the Trading Standards website.

We also have a duty officer available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on-call to offer advice: 03000 200 292.

Although the officer may not be able to answer all questions you may have, they have access to officers with specialised knowledge in various areas who will be able to answer your queries. You may wish to arrange an appointment to come into the office to see an officer or make arrangements for an officer to visit your premises at a convenient time. Remember we are here to help.

For further advice contact the Trading Standards duty officer

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