Arrange collection of a large item

We are currently running a reduced large item collection service, with a limited number of slots available for booking.  We may need to suspend this service again if circumstances change.

 If you need to get rid of furniture or other bulky items that won't fit in your bin, we can collect them for you. Household waste and recycling centres are currently closed.


You must make your payment before a collection will be scheduled.

  • £30 for 4 standard household items (certain items have an additional charge)
  • £15 for 4 standard household items if you receive Housing benefit or Council Tax benefits (you must provide your benefit reference number when booking)

Due to physical distancing measures, house clearances are currently unavailable.   

Council tenants are entitled to have 4 standard household items collected each year as part of their rental agreement.

Book a collection

You can book and pay for a collection online using a credit or debit card. We will need to know the items that you want to have collected. 

You will be asked to select a date for collection and we will uplift within five working days of this date. 

A limited number of slots are available for booking. If no slot is available, please try again within 24 hours. 

Collection crews will not enter buildings to collect items. Please leave your items outside so that they are visible but away from any bins or shared areas.

Items must be out for collection from 7am on the date that you select, if the items are not available for collection you will not be eligible for a refund

Donate items for reuse

Items can be donated to local charities, clothing banks and Household Waste and Recycling Centre. 

Do not leave any items next to clothing banks or waste and recycling bins. It will not be reused or recycled, this is fly tipping which is illegal.  


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