Nationality checking service

Aberdeen City Council now offers a nationality checking service.  This service will ensure that your application form is correctly completed and that the required documentary evidence is submitted and correct.

Our trained staff are registered to provide certified photocopies of your supporting documents, allowing you to keep the original documents in your possession.

Using the nationality checking service is optional. You can apply directly to the Home Office or use a solicitor or other agent. You can find out more about applying for British Citizenship by visiting the Home Office website

Our Office of Immigration Services Commissioner Registration number is F201300722 and we comply with current regulations.

The Nationality Checking Service is unable to provide advice on Nationality matters. Please contact the Home Office on 0300 123 2253 or visit the  website the Home Office Website.

Appointments are held Monday to Friday at Marischal College and must be booked in advance by contacting the Registrars service.

All applicants over 18 must attend whilst under 18s need not attend. However, for Joint Citizenship and Passport Service (JCAP) appointments, all applicants who are over the age of 15 years and six months must attend.

Appointments can take up to two hours.

You should bring your completed citizenship application form.

Form AN for adults and form MN1 for under 18s.  Application forms are updated regularly, please complete the latest edition before attending your NCS appointment.

These forms can be downloaded from the Home Office website.

You should also bring your evidence of 'Settled Status'. This will be your 'Permanent Residence Card' for Europeans or your 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' for non-Europeans.

We will require to see your 'Pass Notification Letter' that confirms successful completion of the 'Life in the UK' test. This test does not apply to under 18 applicants or over 65s. Please note that the original will be retained and forwarded to the Home Office with your application.

We also require to see evidence of residence in the UK for the previous five years prior to the date your application will be received by the Home Office or three years for those applying based on marriage to a British Citizen. For example application received by Home Office 10 March 2016 - passport or alternative evidence required for 10 March 2011 (or 2013) to 10 March 2016

Primary evidence of residence is a passport. If your passports were not valid for all of the five years (or three years) then alternative evidence of residence must be produced. Please see the final three pages of Form AN for more information.

Further information on supporting documents will be provided when you contact the Nationality Checking Service to book an appointment.

At the appointment, your supporting documents will be photocopied and certified, ready for sending with your application to the Home Office. All of your original documents will be returned to you at the appointment, except your 'Life in the UK' test, which is retained.

The Joint Citizenship and Passport Service (JCAP) allows you to apply for your British passport at the same time as applying for British citizenship. Using this optional service means you are not required to attend a passport office interview following your citizenship ceremony nor will you need to make a further British Passport application.

We can only accept passport applications as part of a joint application for British citizenship. The passport application will not be processed until the successful outcome of your citizenship application. As with the citizenship application, the passport application fee cannot be refunded if your application is unsuccessful.

If your application for citizenship is a success and you have attended your ceremony, your British passport application will then be processed and your passport will be dispatched to your home address.

Applications are made using the standard British passport application form. These are available from the Post Office. We cannot accept downloaded forms. Please have all applications completed in their entirety before the appointment. Please do not fill in the barcode section.

Before attending the appointment, please carefully read through the HM Passport Office application guidance.

If you choose the Joint Citizenship and passport application process then please follow the steps below:

  • Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, (6 if applicable) and 9 of the passport application must be completed. Grandparents' details are not required in section 4 and section 10 can be left blank.
  • All personal details noted on the passport application (name, date of birth, address etc.) must match the corresponding information entered onto the citizenship application.
  • Details of referees will be collected as part of the citizenship application and must be in line with the referee guidelines.
  • Mobile phone numbers are not to be entered in section 2 of the application. Please enter them in Section 8, on the top line only.
  • Please provide two photographs. The photographs submitted with both applications must be identical (i.e. from the same sitting) and comply with the photo standards as described in the accompanying guidance. The applicant's name and date of birth should be written on the reverse of both photographs. This is in addition to the photograph that is required for the Citizenship application.
  • The payment mandate on Page 25 of the Application guidance must be completed and ensure the security number is entered in the right box. Please do not fill in the barcode section.

Fees must be payed in advance when booking your appointment.

The fee structure is:

  • Single adult - £90
  • Single person under 18 - £48
  • Couples - £144
  • Family - £216 (2 adults and 2 under 18s)

An additional fee of £12 per applicant is payable for Joint Citizenship and Passport (JCAP).

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment a minimum of five working days notice is required. For cancellations, you will receive a refund less a £15 administration fee for each applicant. The first reschedule is free of charge, after which a £15 administration fee is added to all subsequent reschedules.

If you do not attend the appointment or arrive late resulting in the appointment not being able to proceed (at least 60 minutes is needed for a single applicant) then no refund will be made.

Please note that this fee is separate from the Citizenship Application Fee (payable to the Home Office).

Nationality Checking Service

Aberdeen City Council
Marischal College
Broad Street
AB10 1AB

01224 522322

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