Sponsored floral displays

Aberdeen City Council uses hanging baskets, window boxes and planters to bring extra colour to the city. They can brighten up lamp columns, courtyards, railings and shop frontages.

Your business can be involved with these improvements by sponsoring a display.

You can purchase hanging baskets and window boxes from Aberdeen City Council, who will erect and maintain them throughout the season. Summer, Winter and Spring displays can be provided.

Planters are bigger and can display the name of your business on the container.

If you prefer something more permanent you may wish to sponsor a flower bed in one of our parks/open spaces. In this instance the name of your business will be displayed on a plaque embedded in the ground and will remain for the term of the sponsorship.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will happily discuss your requirements and will advise what type of display would best suit your premises.

For more information about Sponsored Floral Displays please contact Mike Chalmers at mikechalmers@aberdeencity.gov.uk  

Sponsored roundabouts

There are a number of roundabouts in Aberdeen that are suitable for sponsorship. In addition to increasing your company's profile, your sponsorship helps to create a better, more attractive and welcoming environment.

To discuss the options available to you please contact our marketing team at marketing@aberdeencity.gov.uk

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