Union Terrace Gardens this week

Turf to start being laid in Union Terrace Gardens this month

Preparatory groundworks have started at Union Terrace Gardens to improve the site for turf to be laid in a couple of weeks.


The to-be grassed area was used in February as part of the successful Spectra light festival and the turfing was put on hold until the Spring to accommodate the event and ensure conditions were as best as they could be.


The first few months of Spring were wet and cold and the ground was also compacted due to Spectra. However, with the warm and sunny weather now, conditions are good for the preparatory works and for the turf to bed in with a minimal timescale. The preparatory works included weedkilling last week, and are to include the contractor on site rotovating the area and adding in topsoil before the turf is laid.


People should be aware fencing will be put around the turfed part until the grass has established and they should not go on the area in the meantime. It is hoped the fencing will be removed mid-Summer.


These works now complete the refurbishment of the Gardens with improved wheelchair access and includes new amenities such as a new play area for children, toilets, and cafes while restoring historic features.


The Union Terrace Gardens improvements are part of the City Centre and Beach Masterplan which is designed to invigorate both areas while respecting and enhancing Aberdeen’s unique qualities and characteristics. The Masterplan projects are also aimed at encouraging more walking and wheeling.

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