Map of city centre

Stakeholder engagement starts for new city centre road layout

Statutory stakeholder engagement is to get under way on a new road layout for the city centre.

The bus priority route – which would also accommodate cycles, goods vehicles, taxis and private hire cars – was agreed in principle at a meeting of Full Council in June 2022.

The route aims to minimise the amount of general traffic on Bridge Street, Guild Street (east of Wapping Street), and Market Street (north of Guild Street) by stopping traffic from using these streets as through-routes.

Motorists would still have local access to the Trinity Centre Car Park and roads in the vicinity of the Green.

As part of the works, additional bus gates are planned for the top of Market Street, the east side of Guild Street, and on Bridge Street, with the bus gate on the east side of Union Street being extended to the junction with Adelphi.

There would also be a ban on turning right from Union Terrace to Rosemount Viaduct (except for buses, taxis and cycles), and Schoolhill would be pedestrianised from Back Wynd to Flourmill Lane, with access for service vehicles only between 4.30pm and 11am.

Statutory stakeholders being asked to comment on the layout include the emergency services.

It is expected that the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order will come into operation in the New Year, when the public will have a chance to lodge any objections.


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