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Pupils to benefit from launch of ABZ Campus  

 Secondary school pupils in Aberdeen are given an opportunity to access a suite of broader courses closely linked to growth sector industries through the launch of ABZ Campus this June.  

Councillors from the Education and Children’s Services Committee were updated on the progress made in establishing ABZ Campus to help broaden the curriculum for those in S4-6. 

ABZ Campus provides a suite of 37 courses across SCQF levels 4-7 and aligned to those growth sector industries that will form a significant part of the future of the North-East of Scotland.  This initiative has been developed out of an existing City Campus model that had been in operation for the last 11 years. 

Secondary schools in Aberdeen have worked together to align columns, extend options, develop a new application portal and set of publicity materials to ensure young people can make the best informed choices.  A key component in this has been close working with partners North East Scotland College, Aberlour Futures, Bon Accord Care and CityMoves. 

Education Convener Councillor Martin Greig said: “ABZ Campus is an excellent initiative that increases the course choices available to pupils in the city. It is especially important to offer a wide range of learning opportunities in schools.  

“The involvement of other organisations is greatly appreciated because working together in partnership improves the life chances of young people. Pupils should have wider choices available to help them so that they can develop their professional and vocational skills for future career pathways.”  

Vice convener Councillor Jessica Mennie said: “We are delighted to be able to offer young people the opportunity to further their education through the ABZ Campus.  

“The Campus will help young people to access new courses and make a positive impact for their future.” 

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