Denis Law in Aberdeen at his city centre statue unveiling

Progress on Denis Law Legacy Trail

Progress on helping a charity produce a walkable trail with large-scale murals in the Printfield area of Aberdeen where footballing legend Denis Law grew up is continuing, a committee heard today.


The Finance and Resources Committee members heard following allocation of Common Good funding, City Council officers have liaised with the Denis Law Legacy Trust and created a delivery plan to support the creation of the trail.


Committee Convener Councillor Alex McLellan said: “We are progressing with the Denis Law Legacy Trail’s first phase, a walking trail, which I am sure will be welcomed by the Printfield community and potentially draw a lot of folk to the area once it’s complete.


“Moving forward, officers will be reporting back with a business case to committee in future on the second phase, the delivery of murals, which I look forward to seeing in due course.”


The report said the delivery plan splits the project into two parts, with phase one delivering the walking trail element of the project and phase two may develop the murals scope of the trail subject to identifying external funding to support project delivery and ensuring all planning consents/permissions are in place.


The service and budget to maintain the artworks has still to be identified and will be explored with the phase two business case. A report to committee two years ago suggested that costs for implementing phase two of the project were likely to be in excess of £150,000, and a business case to support further development including identifying external funding opportunities was agreed today by committee.


The project has been proposed by the Denis Law Legacy Trust and Printfield Community Forum, and the Trust has developed the trail and will take measures to ensure it has the necessary intellectual property rights/licences for the images and design as well as maintain ongoing web applications generated to support the trail.


The report to committee said the Trust does not have capacity to lead on the development and delivery of physical assets required for this project and discussions are ongoing with community groups to identify capacity for ongoing custodianship of the Trail.


It is the intention that a programme of events will be created to promote the Denis Law Trail which includes street sport activities for young people continuing work by The Denis Law Legacy Trust which aims to support and empower young people, primarily through the Streetsport Programme.


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