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Plans Laid for Future Delivery of Aberdeen Employability Services

A plan for the future delivery of employability services in Aberdeen has been considered by Councillors. 

The Local Employability Partnership (LEP) Delivery and Action Plan sets out a range of actions and priorities defined by LEP members to support people into employment. 

This will include the development of a procurement framework for commissioning of employability services.

Aberdeen City Council’s City Growth and Resources Committee noted the Draft Employability Plan, which will be ratified by the Aberdeen Prospers group of Community Planning Aberdeen. 

The Plan will mean the City Council’s ABZWorks employability team and partner agencies can respond quickly to current and future needs for employability services, which has seen a rise in demand in recent years.

The committee approved grant awards to public and third sector organisations delivering paid work experience as part of the Long Term Unemployed (LTU) Scheme, and the creation of an employer recruitment incentive scheme which will also be open to private sector employers. 

City Growth and Resources convener Councillor Alex McLellan said: “We welcome grants that will help enable people to get back into work through a range of means, including apprenticeships and paid work experience, being awarded to employers. 

“The last few years have been tough on so many people and having a range of funding support and employability schemes, such as the Long Term Unemployed Scheme, is crucial in supporting people with additional barriers to employment, into workplace work.”

Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader Councillor Ian Yuill said: “This is going to be a huge support to those who have had to deal with unemployment, and will also benefit Aberdeen’s economy, industries, and local businesses. 

“It has also been good to hear of the great work being undertaken by the ABZWorks Team. The work they do to support people looking for employment, whether that is school leavers or someone looking for a new start, is outstanding.”  

The report noted that the employability landscape in Scotland has changed with the implementation of the No One Left Behind strategy, which sees responsibility for the delivery of employability support being delegated in phases to local government. 

This has coincided with challenges resulting from external global events, which has impacted Aberdeen’s economy. 

Employment schemes which have been introduced to help people into employment include: 

  • Long Term Unemployed scheme, which supports city residents aged 25 and above who have been out of work for 12 months or more and face additional barriers to employment by providing paid work experience placements in third and public sector organisations; 
  • Employer Recruitment Incentive, created to support people, particularly young people, into apprenticeships and other employment types; 
  • Young Person’s Guarantee – a commitment to provide a place in education, training, employment or volunteering to every 16-25-year-old; and
  • Kickstart – a scheme providing paid work experience for young people aged 16-25 at risk of long-term unemployment.

Councillors were also updated on activity undertaken by the ABZWorks employability team, which provides a variety of services and support to people and organisations across Aberdeen. 

For further information about the support available contact 

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