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New approach to letting of council houses to be introduced

A revised Housing Allocations Policy has today been approved by the Communities, Housing and Public Protection Committee that will see the Choice Based Lettings (CBL) approach replace the current system.  

Currently applicants are matched to available properties based on the choices made on their housing application but through CBL applicants will instead be allowed to see all the available properties and bid for those they wish to be considered for through the Housing Online portal.  

The report highlighted that CBL will provide a greater level of transparency to applicants about available properties in the city and allow them to take an active role in their housing journey.  

It is anticipated that through the CBL system, the number of unsuccessful offers of housing will significantly reduce, in turn increasing customer satisfaction.   

Communities, Housing and Public Protection Committee Convener, Councillor Miranda Radley, said: “This new approach is a fantastic way to engage with our tenants and enable them to have a greater choice in selecting their new home. 

“Choice Based Lettings will allow for Aberdeen to continue to be a popular place for individuals and families to live in.”   

Vice convener Councillor Ciaran McRae said: “We hope that Choice Based Lettings will help to empower our local communities encouraging residents to choose a property that suits the needs of themselves and their family in the area of their choice.” 

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