Local Development Plan 2023 adopted by Council

An important planning document which will help to shape future land use of Aberdeen and guide planning decisions including housing developments, leisure, and industrial zones was approved today (Wednesday 14 June) and will be formally adopted by Aberdeen City Council over the next few days.

The modified Aberdeen Local Development Plan was approved at Full Council on following a Direction issued by Scottish Ministers on 10 May.

The Proposed Plan was submitted to Scottish Ministers for an Examination in Public on 21 June 2021 which began in November 2021 and the Scottish Government Reporters consequently completed their Examination of the Plan which outlined modifications and minor technical changes.

Aberdeen City Council then considered the modifications and minor changes and submitted the final Plan to Scottish Ministers for their approval.

The formally adopted plan includes several policies to encourage more tourism and cultural activities in the city centre and includes the seven City Centre Masterplan Interventions Areas are also identified. 


Health and wellbeing are key components of the Plan, reflecting both their historic connection with planning and the need to ensure that healthcare services are provided, as well as creating environments that foster health, encourage active lifestyles, and reduce inequalities in well-being. This health-forall theme will be further developed in future guidance.


The Plan also looks to help address climate change, by ensuring developments are resilient to changing weather patterns as well as protecting assets such as flood plains and carbon-rich soils. It also promotes a low carbon economy through, for instance, encouraging greater energy efficiency, heat networks and greener transport and infrastructure.

Aberdeen City Council’s Planning Development Management Committee Convener, Councillor Ciaran McRae, said: “We welcome the adoption of the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2023 after approval from the Scottish Ministers.

“The Plan should help to shape the future of the city by encouraging growth and including important changes such as the City Centre Masterplan interventions.”

Vice Convener, Councillor Desmond Bouse, said: “It is important the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2023 includes resilience measures for addressing climate change.

“It will also promote a low carbon economy through, for instance, encouraging greater energy efficiency, heat networks and greener transport and infrastructure.”

The Local Development Plan 2023 will be able to be viewed at Aberdeen Local Development Plan | Aberdeen City Council

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