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Collaboration aims to improve Computer Science skills in Young People  

Young people are to benefit from a collaborative programme that aims at improving the delivery of computing science from early learning to senior phase and beyond both in and out of school.  

A progress update was presented today to the Aberdeen City Council’s Education Committee.  

The Aberdeen Computing Collaborative was formed by the Council in partnership with North East Scotland College (NESCOL), Robert Gordon University (RGU), the University of Aberdeen and Opportunity North East.  

Councillors heard that the Collaborative aims to make Aberdeen a centre of excellence for computing science education and the digital sector and to support a coherent and skills-based curriculum.  

The Collaborative also aims to create multiple pathways for learners to maximise their access to computing science learning and qualifications both in and out of school, with NESCOL, RGU and the University of Aberdeen each already having outreach programmes for students.  

Committee Convener Councillor Martin Greig said: “Computer education is increasingly important, so it is good that we have been able to create this innovative learning resource to promote digital learning. The young people will benefit from the expertise provided by the universities and businesses.  

“This is an example of sharing our efforts and resources to enhance opportunities for pupils and the collaborative is achieving a great deal to prepare them for the future.” 

Vice convener Councillor Jessica Mennie said: “The work that the Collaboration is undertaking is so important to the development of our young people, where we hope that by developing their computing science learning they will be able to use these skills and benefit from them in the future.”  

It is hoped that over the next year the Collaborative will work alongside the ABZ Campus to review the curriculum, develop and deliver extra-curricular computing science and digital activities, and to help promote the opportunities within the digital sector.  

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