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Schools, Education and Learning


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Find School Holiday/Term Dates

  • Term dates and holidays for schools in Aberdeen City.

See what schools are closed

  • Find out if a school has been closed at short notice.

Apply for a Primary or Secondary School place

  • Details on how to apply for a Primary or Secondary school place.


Apply for a Nursery School place

  • Apply for nursery school places in Aberdeen City.

Find a school

  • Search for schools, nurseries and special schools in Aberdeen City.

Find information and contribute views on the future of the School Estate

  • Details of drop-in sessions and information on the School Estate.


Find out what support is available

  • Information for parents of children with additional support needs.

School Roll Forecasts

  • Information on School Roll Forecasts.

Teach in Aberdeen

  • Information on teaching in Aberdeen and how to apply for a post.

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Adult Education

Adult and Community Education

  • Information on adult and life-long learning, Arts Development and links to external education establishments.
Local History and Heritage

Local History and Heritage

  • Access information on Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives, Archeology and the Common Good Fund.
Further Education

Further Education

  • A list of external websites for further education establishments in Aberdeen City.