Multi Agency Emotional Abuse in Children and Young People Training

Protecting Children, Improving Children's Futures
Tuesday 4 June 2024, 9.00am-12.30pm

Multi Agency Training

During this multi agency training session we will define emotional abuse and discuss the differences between emotional abuse and emotional neglect. We cover the 6 categories of emotional abuse and discuss the impact of emotional abuse on children and young people. We later move on to discuss how to write about emotional abuse in our assessments and provide suggestions on how to address concerns with parents/carers, before moving on to look at the Secure Base Model.


The aims of this training are to:


  • Increase professionals awareness and understanding of emotional abuse and the forms it can take
  • Increase professionals understanding of the impact emotional abuse can have on a child or young person
  • Increase professionals abilities to recognise and record incidences of emotional abuse in order to improve overall outcomes for children and young people


Your data: Aberdeen City Child Protection and GIRFEC Training

This training will take place via MS Teams.