Child Protection and Children with Disabilities

Useful information and guidance is contained in the Scottish Government National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014: Additional Notes for Practitioners - Protecting Disabled Children from Abuse and Neglect. These practice notes are for all practitioners, including those working in children and family social work; health; education; residential care; early years; youth services; youth justice; police; independent and third sector; and adult services who might be supporting parents with disabled children or involved in the transition between child and adult services.


The purpose of the above audit was to look at why children with disabilities have been overrepresented in significant and initial case reviews conducted by Aberdeen City CPC since September 2017. We wanted to establish:

  • If we are missing opportunities to respond to wellbeing, or care and protection concerns of children with disabilities at the earliest opportunity
  • Whether our response to child protection concerns is as robust for children with disabilities as it would be for concerns relating to a child who does not have a disability



If you wish to learn more about Child Protection and Disability, watch the video below summarising our local training course which is available to all staff. You can sign up to future training courses here - Events | Aberdeen City Council