Information for Care Experienced Children and Young People

Information for care experience children and young people

There are an increasing number of opportunities for care experienced children and young people in Aberdeen to share their voice and lived experience to make care experience better.

ACE Network

The ACE (Aberdeen Care Experienced) Network is one way that looked after and care experienced children and young people are empowered to participate, influence and make change.

What is ACE?

ACE stands for Aberdeen Care Experienced and it is for any looked after and care experienced children and young people to engage, participate and discuss issues and ideas that are important to them. These issues are then brought to the Aberdeen Champion's Board, Aberdeen's Corporate Parenting Lead Officer and others to ensure that the voice and lived experience of children and young people is heard and included. The aim of ACE is to make change and have fun doing it. 

Who can get involved?

You can get involved with ACE if you are a young person up to the age of 26 who is or has been care experienced at some point in your life. This might include:

  • Living in a children's home
  • Secure or residential care
  • Foster care - with a carer
  • Kinship care - with family or friends
  • Living at home with social work support

ACEalumni is for people older than 26 years and who want to make a difference.

What is a Champions Board?

A Champions Board is made up of professionals from different organisations who have the power to make positive changes for young people. They meet with the young people involved in ACE four times a year to offer their support, listen to what needs to be done and to take responsibility for their organisation in making care better for young people.