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Guidance notes for the job application process

Thank you for your interest in working with us and we look forward to receiving your application. Here is some guidance to help you complete your application as effectively as possible. It also explains how we recruit and the type of people we want to join us. We'd really appreciate if you would take a few minutes to read this information.

If you need help with our online application process or in translating these notes, please contact us on (01224) 523939.

Firstly, use the application to demonstrate your suitability

Look carefully at the job profile as what you say in your application will be assessed against the criteria on the profile. The quality of your application will be our first impression of you so you should make it clear that you have spent time and effort completing it. Make sure you complete all sections fully and accurately.

Use examples to demonstrate how you meet all of the job requirements, including the behaviours. This is really important because only those who can demonstrate this will be considered for interview.

If selected for interview, be prepared and know what to expect

If selected for interview, you will usually be given at least 7 days' notice of when and where it will take place. The job advert may have stated this already and may also have given advance notice of any presentations, tests, group exercises etc that will form part of the selection process, including any site visits you would need to attend. If not, look out for information about these in the interview invitation as they will apply to certain jobs.

You will have the opportunity online to select the interview time that suits you best from a range of options. We understand that peoples' circumstances can change after they apply for a job so if invited for interview, we'd really appreciate if you let us know if you're no longer interested in being considered.

At interview you should expect to be asked questions that not only test your skills and competence but very importantly, also test the extent to which you would display the right behaviours and attitude when carrying out the job.

Know what's important to us when we recruit new staff

While having the right skills, experience and qualifications is important, we place a lot of emphasis on employing people who are able to display the right behaviours and attitude, with the right motivational and cultural fit. We want people who share our values.

We expect all of our employees to communicate effectively; place customers at the heart of what they do; act professionally at all times; and always demonstrate respect for others.

We expect our managers to be creative and encourage their teams to be likewise; effectively engage their employees; be future focussed; and provide clear leadership and direction.

We feel strongly that our employees are able to work in a safe and healthy working environment, with a particular focus on their wellbeing. We will expect you to be safety conscious and aware of your personal health and safety responsibilities.

We are fully committed to providing equality of opportunity in employment and value the differences that a diverse workforce brings to our organisation. We expect our employees to share that commitment.

If this is the type of organisational culture you want to work in then we may be the right organisation for you and you are potentially the right type of person we are looking for.

What we can offer you

Apart from offering you a work environment where our employees' contribution is recognised and valued, where we put our customers at the very heart of what we do, we can offer you an excellent range of benefits. This includes excellent learning and development opportunities; experienced coaching to give you the skills you need; a first class employee benefits package that is getting better all the time, flexible working opportunities; and a competitive salary and conditions, which includes one of the best pension schemes in the UK.

What we need to check

Your qualifications

Apart from using the interview to check whether you meet the job and behavioural requirements, you'll be asked to bring with you evidence of the qualifications you mentioned in your application, especially those that are essential for the job. You'll also need to produce your driving licence if this too is a job requirement.

Your right to live and work in the UK

You'll also be asked to provide proof of your right to live and work in the UK. You'll be guided about the relevant documents to bring with you.

If your legal right to work in the UK is subject to special conditions then please specify these in your application. If you're not currently entitled to work in the UK then please state the type of permit you need.

Your references

When selecting your referees, we expect one of them to have supervised you and/or your work and to be your current or most recent line manager. We may therefore need to ask you at interview to confirm the relationship between you and your referees.

If the job you're applying for involves working in a social care setting, and you are not currently working with vulnerable people but have done so previously, we expect one of your referees to be a manager from the employer where you most recently worked with vulnerable people.

If this is your first appointment, we appreciate that it might not be straightforward to identify referees who can comment on your suitability. If this is the case then nominate responsible people who know you well, but are not relatives, for example, your Head Teacher or Lecturer.

We will take up your references if you are the preferred candidate following interview. We will not take up references without first seeking your permission.

If you wish to make a complaint

Although we wish to ensure that our recruitment and selection process is carried out properly and fairly to provide equality of opportunity for all applicants, we recognise that from time to time an unsuccessful applicant may feel aggrieved if they are not shortlisted or appointed.

Seeking feedback from the selection panel may help you to understand the reasons for not being selected but if after receiving feedback you continue to believe that you have been unfairly treated, you should put your complaint in writing to the Director of the Service in which the vacancy you applied for is located. If you are not sure who to write to then please contact the HR Service Centre on 01224 523939.

We have a specific procedure for dealing with recruitment complaints which will be provided to you when you submit your complaint so that you know how and when you will receive a response.

Help us to improve our recruitment processes

Our aim is to provide a service that is always improving. We therefore welcome any feedback from you on how you have found our recruitment process so that we can look at how we can make the recruitment experience better for applicants. Please email your feedback to

Thank you once again for your interest in this post and I wish you well with your application.

Ewan Sutherland
Head of Human Resources & Customer Service


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