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Discounts and Exemptions

Pound coins The amount of Council Tax charged depends on the value of your property and the band into which your property has been placed. The full amount of Council Tax payable is based on the idea that there are two (or more) liable adults (aged 18 or over) resident in the property. If there are less than two adults resident, the amount payable can be discounted accordingly. Anyone under 18 is not included when calculating the number of people in the property.

The Council Tax charge contains both a personal element and a property element which means that discount can either be awarded in relation to the personal element or to the property element.

Student Exemptions and Discounts

Residents Discounts

Property Discounts

Occupied Property Exemptions

Unoccupied Property Exemptions

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The information provided to, and collected by, the Council for the administration of Council Tax may be used for the delivery of Council Services, where to do so is considered to be likely to enhance the efficiency and/ effectiveness with services are delivered.

The Council may check information that you provide, or that another organisation provides about you, with other information it holds. It may also get information about you from other organisations, or give information to them to check that the information is accurate, to prevent or detect crime, or to protect public funds in other ways, as allowed by law. These other organisations could include government departments, local authorities or private companies.

The Council will not release information about you to anyone outside the Council unless the law allows it to. It will use your information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

A list of Council Services which make use of information collected on Council Tax forms are:

  • Housing Issues eg Housing Repairs, Landlord Registration Scheme
  • Housing Benefits
  • Educational Benefits
  • Free School Meals
  • Accord Card Eligibility
  • Entitlement to Right to Buy your Council House
  • Parking Issues e.g. Penalty Charge Notices, Bus Lane Charge Notices

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