Multi Agency Neglect Training

Protecting Children, Improving Children's Futures
Thursday 15 June 2023, 1.00pm-4.30pm

Multi Agency Training

*This training is for professionals working in Aberdeen City*

This training looks at the various types of neglect and what this means for children, young people and families. It covers the various factors which may impact on a parent/ carer’s ability to meet a child or young person’s needs and discusses the difficulties that neglect situations can present for us in practice and the importance of assessment and analysis. The training also looks at the tools we use in practice and how we can use them to evidence neglect.


The aims of this training are:

  • To have a sound knowledge of the signs and indicators of neglect​
  • To feel confident addressing concerns with parents
  • To understand how the range of risk factors linked to neglect have an impact on wellbeing and safety, including when, how and who to share information with​


Social Workers Training Feedback: ‘This training was excellent and covered enough of the basics about what is neglect, and also challenged the more complex aspects such as professional mindset.’


This training will take place via MS Teams