Harmful Sexual Behaviour Launch | Training Course Taster Session

Protecting Children, Improving Children's Futures, Reducing Violence and Abuse
Thursday 16 March 2023, 9.30am-12.00pm

Conference, Multi Agency Training

This two-part event will give all professionals working in Aberdeen City the opportunity to hear about the recently developed Multi Agency Harmful Sexual Behaviour training course as well as a summarised look at other useful multi-agency courses also currently available to staff in the City, which can be found below.

The new Harmful Sexual Behaviour course will look at Hackett's Continuum of sexual behaviours, discuss why harmful sexual behaviour might occur in childhood or adolescence and look at different ways of working with a child or young person displaying harmful sexual behaviours. Technology Assisted Harm Sexual Behaviour is also covered before we move on to discuss being trauma informed in our work with children and young people.

The aims of this training are to:

  • Increase professionals ability to recognise and respond proactively to harmful sexual behaviour.
  • Increase professionals understanding of why harmful sexual behaviour may occur.
  • Increase professionals knowledge and confidence in working with children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour.


The second part of this event will provide a brief, summarised look at lots of other training courses also available. Each of the below courses will be described concisely, giving those in attendance the opportunity to learn about other training on offer and sign up to future courses they are interested in via Aberdeen Protects:

  1. Online Safety
  2. Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Trafficking
  3. Emotional Abuse
  4. Domestic Abuse
  5. Neglect
  6. When Services Find It Hard To Engage
  7. Child Protection and Disability
  8. Effective Chronologies
  9. Assessment and Planning
  10. Risk, Analysis and Thresholds
  11. Managers Course
  12. Court Skills
  13. Needs Not Deeds
  14. Speech, Language and Communication Needs and Children in Conflict with the Law
  15. Children's Rights, Participation and Children in Conflict with the Law
  16. Intervention Planning for CICWL
  17. Joint Reports
  18. Care and Risk Management


There will be time for a Q&A at the end of this event.