Child Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Abuse - Psychology of the offender with Zoe Lodrick

Protecting Children, Improving Children's Futures, Reducing Violence and Abuse, Reducing Crime
Tuesday 16 January 2024, 1.30pm-4.30pm

Multi Agency Training

This training is for front line staff working in Aberdeen City


Join psychotherapist Zoe Lodrick to discuss:

The psychology of the offender:

• the process that precedes offending (Finklehor’s ‘Preconditions Model’);

• the ‘socially skilled’ sex offender;

• how, and why, they target certain victims;

• what the psychology of the offender does to the psychology of the victim;

• the distorted thinking of sex offenders as reflected in society;

• the importance of understanding sex offenders in order to safeguard people from them, recognise them, interview and prosecute them.


Zoe will also cover the neurobiology of threat, she will discuss:

• the adolescent brain;

• the specific vulnerabilities of children and, especially, teenagers to sex offenders;

• why people do not usually react in ‘logical’ or ‘active’ ways when faced with intimate

interpersonal threat;

• how, and why, people become vulnerable to repeated victimisation;

• how, and why, victims can become ensnared with the abuser.