Chief Officers Group (COG)

Aberdeen Protects is the overarching name being given to cover a range of partnership structures within the city. These partnership structures are governed by the Chief Officers Group (COG) who are represented by each agency and provide the leadership and support that these partnership structures require. Agencies within these structures are made up of organisations that work together on a multi agency basis to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults, children, young people and their families across Aberdeen City. 

Members of the Chief Officers Group are:

  • Angela Scott, Chief Executive, Aberdeen City Council
  • Adam Coldwells, Interim Chief Executive, NHS Grampian
  • Graeme Mackie, Local Commander, Police Scotland
  • Andy Wright, Area Commander, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • Sandra MacLeod, Chief Officer, Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership

Following the launch of “Aberdeen Protects”, members of COG agreed that they would provide a summary following each of its meetings. This will comprise a range of things: decisions taken, sharing of information, and providing updates on longer term pieces of work. We hope you find these updates helpful - they can be found by clicking on the links below.

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COG Public Protection Event - 21st September 2022

On 21st September, the COG hosted a public protection event for the members of all the various multi agency public protection partnerships across the city. The purpose of the event was:

  1. To celebrate the positive Adult Support & Protection (ASP) joint inspection;
  2. To co-design the next work programme on enhancing alignment between Adult and Child Protection;
  3. To consider how we knit Alcohol and Drug Partnership, Violence Against Women Partnership and Homelessness more into the core public protection disciplines; and
  4. To enhance understanding of the Family Support Model and what it will mean for our public protection arrangements.

Those who attended heard a number of presentations, and contributed to discussion sessions about how best to embed learning from learning reviews, and how we might work to embed the forthcoming Homelessness Prevention Duty. 

Recordings of the presentations can be found via the links below:

  1. Welcome and Strategic Direction (Chair of COG)
  2. Reflections on our Adult Support and Protection inspection
  3. Our approach to learning from Learning Reviews
  4. How can we embed the Homelessness Prevention Duty across public protection
  5. Our Data Journey
  6. Our Technology Journey
  7. Closing Remarks (Independent Convener of Child and Adult Protection Committees, and Chair of COG)