Naloxone - Life Saver

What is Naloxone

It is pronounced Nah-lox-own.

Naloxone is a medication that quickly reverses the effects of an overdose from opioids. Opioids are drugs such as codeine, morphine, heroin, methadone or fentanyl. There are two types of Naloxone available in Grampian. Prenoxad is given by injection into a big muscle such as the thigh. Nyxoid is sprayed up the nose.

Some people worry about giving an injection but in an emergency situation it can save a life. Naloxone is completely safe and it can't hurt or harm someone - even if they haven't taken an opioid drug.

Here is a helpful leaflet - Be Prepared For An Opioid Emergency

And some more useful information and a short animated video

How to Get a Naloxone Kit

Naloxone is available to anyone who might have or witness an overdose. Basically anyone who is worried about overdose can have a Naloxone kit including friends and family. Kits are small and can easily be carried in a pocket or a bag. It's a good thing to have in a First Aid Kit or somewhere in your house or place of work.

Naloxone is free. Its available from most community pharmacies, drug services and by post.

A list of local community pharmacies and services that provide Naloxone can be found - locations that provide Naloxone

Some Helpful Videos

Here are some helpful videos that explain a bit more how to respond to an opioid overdose and using Naloxone

Feeling Overwhelmed, Confused and Too Much Jargon?

Don't worry. It is a lot information. It sounds technical and can sound scary. It is all much simpler than it sounds and there a lots of people will be happy to explain or show you what to do. Any of the listed services will help. There is no stigma in asking - everyone will know you are worried and trying to save a life.

If all you do is call an ambulance then that will make a big difference. If you have a Naloxone Kit the call operator can talk you through what to do. The Ambulance crew will also give you a new Naloxone Kit when they arrive.

Ordering Naloxone By Post

Scottish Families Affected By Alcohol and Drugs offer a Click and Deliver service and will send you a Naloxone Kit through the post.