Learning and Development

The aim of the Learning and Development Sub Committee is to develop and deliver a multi-agency training calendar for all staff working with children, young people and families across Aberdeen City.

The Committee consists of people from the following list of organisations, who work either directly or indirectly with children, young people and their families in Aberdeen City:

  • Aberdeen City Council
  • NHS Grampian
  • Aberlour Futures
  • Police Scotland
  • SCRA
  • Third Sector
  • Education


Annual Reports 

The multi-agency learning and development annual reports shown below breakdown what training is currently available to staff in Aberdeen City and show the impact these training modules are having on practitioners and the children and families they support:



North East Learning Events

Parental Substance Use and Safe Sleep Learning Event 27th September 2023


The Child Protection Partnership agreed to deliver a learning event for practitioners across the North East as a result of learning themes identified in each of the areas. The learning themes were Parental Substance Use and Safe Sleep. The programme consisted of three key speakers:

Elie Godsi: Elie is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and specialises in adult and forensic mental health as well as public and child protection. Elie’s presentation focused on his paper Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel Review of Non-Accidental injuries in children under the age of one, and interviews with men – what can we learn?

Adam Mellis, Harm Reduction Officer – Police Scotland, and Carol Muir, Project Manager – Community Justice Alcohol & Drugs: Adam and Carol presentation focused on the demographics and drug use in Aberdeen City and across the North East.

Dr Gill Burton: Gill is the Education Manager for the Scottish Cot Death Trust. Gill’s presentation focused on the current landscape and risk factors of SUDI in Scotland, substance use and SUDI risk, alcohol, cannabis and SUDI risk, and Safe Sleep messages.


Elie Godsi's talk begins at 30:05 in the video below.

Adam and Carol's talk begins at 1:48:50

Dr Gill Burton's talk begins at 3:32:40.