Aberdeen key facts and area profiles

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Aberdeen Key Facts Information tables October 2019

Statistical information on Aberdeen covering a wide range of topics. While the focus is on Aberdeen, some comparative information is also presented for other cities. 

National Records of Scotland Infographics and Visualisations Infographics and visualisations 2019 Infographics and visualisations for population estimates/projections, household estimates/projections, electoral stats etc. produced by National Records of Scotland. 
Infographics and visualisations
Aberdeen City Council Area Profile Information tables 2019

National Records of Scotland area profile of Aberdeen, population, births, deaths, life expectancy, migration, marriages, civil partnerships, households and dwelling data. 

Aberdeen City Council Area Profile

Aberdeen City - Labour Market Profile Information tables 2019

Nomis labour market profile includes resident population, employment and unemployment, economic inactivity, employment by occupation, qualifications, earnings by residence, out-of-work benefits, jobs (total jobs / employee jobs), Jobcentre plus vacancies and VAT registered businesses.

Aberdeen City - Labour Market Profile


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