Aberdeen City Child Protection Committee

Aberdeen City Child Protection Committee (CPC) has representatives from all agencies in Aberdeen responsible for child protection arrangements; social work, police, health service, education, children's hearings, housing and the third sector.

The CPC meets several times every year. Its main functions are to consider and improve the public information, continuous improvement and strategic planning for child protection in Aberdeen City.

The Committee's Constitution more fully describes how it is set up.

  • Corporate Director and Head of Children's Services (or equivalent), Social Care and Wellbeing, ACC
  • Corporate Director or Head of Service (or equivalent), Education and Children's Services Directorate, ACC
  • Head of Service (or equivalent) from the Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Directorate, ACC
  • Chief Inspector (or equivalent) from the Aberdeen City Division of Police Scotland
  • General Manager (Women and Children) and the City Senior Manager (Aberdeen Community Health Partnership) (or equivalent), NHS Grampian
  • Locality Reporter Manager (or equivalent), Scottish Children's Reporter Administration
  • Two representatives at Director or Assistant Director level (or equivalent) from separate voluntary sector organisations operating within Aberdeen City
  • A representative from Aberdeen City Alcohol and Drugs Partnership
  • The Chair of each permanent Sub Committee of the Committee who is not already a member of the Committee
  • An additional member from a participating agency where the member for that agency is appointed Chair

The Committee may also co-opt other members to assist in the discharge of its functions.

The CPC adheres to the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014. It aims to make sure that every child or young person is safe and protected from any avoidable situation or acts of commission or omission which might result in that child:

  • Being physically, sexually or emotionally harmed in any way
  • Put at risk of physical, sexual or emotional harm, abuse or exploitation
  • Having their basic needs neglected or experiencing that their needs are met in ways that are not appropriate to their age and stage of development
  • Being denied the sustained support and care necessary for them to thrive and develop normally
  • Being denied access to appropriate medical care and treatment
  • Being exposed to demands and expectations which are inappropriate to their age and stage of development

As part of the Child Protection Partnership in the north east, Aberdeen City Child Protection Committee works with Aberdeenshire and Moray CPCs in connection with:

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