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Aberdeen City Council has secured a £800,000 paid work-based training opportunities fund. This is part of a new North East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund (NEERSF), a £14.3m investment by the Scottish Government to support economic recovery for businesses, boost employment and enhance skill levels for people who are based in the North East of Scotland (Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire). Aberdeen City Council is the lead accountable body and will oversee the delivery of this programme with a range of public, private employers and education partners. 

ACC supports businesses create up to 80 work-based training opportunities for those aged 25+ through the creation of an employer recruitment incentive (ERI). This incentive will support those furthest from the labour market to develop workplace skills and support individuals to upskill and enter into specific roles, particularly in sectors that are struggling to recruit, including green jobs, hospitality, health and social care and others hit by the pandemic.
ACC aims to ensure that training will be provided locally, to ensure that the NEERSF funds remain in the North East to support the local economy and businesses.

What’s in it for my business?


-    Employer recruitment incentive (ERI) for 80 work-based training opportunities for those aged 25+
•    80 places at £10,000 each for six months  
The above amounts will be paid in monthly instalments.

The NEERSF’s paid internships and work-based training opportunities placements can start from February 2022, with the final placements ending in June 2022 (the six months scheme). 

ACC will accept expressions of interest until 3rd February 2022 from all businesses (with a particular focus on Health and Social Care, Hospitality, Green Jobs) 
There is no requirement for a business to keep the person beyond the end of the placements, however, there is an aspiration that some of the roles and opportunities will become permanent posts.

Please complete our online expression of interest form and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss.
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For more information about NEERSF visit:  Invest Aberdeen 

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