What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a UK Government scheme designed to support businesses by providing grant funding to employ young people, with all costs paid, for up to six months. 

Delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions, Kickstart will place young people aged 16-24 into new jobs and pay the minimum wage for up to 25 hours per week for six months, as well as paying the employer’s National Insurance contributions and minimum automatic enrolment costs. Organisations can, if they wish, increase the salary and hours at their own cost.  

The scheme cannot be used to replace or displace existing staff. 

How can the council help you access Kickstart? 

Aberdeen City Council has signed up to be a Kickstart gateway organisation to enable businesses and charities which cannot meet the minimum bid to provide 30 new jobs to access the grant funding through the council. 

This means that the council will bid for Kickstart placements and funding on behalf of smaller organisations. The authority can also support with skills and training support throughout the six month placement. 

The council aims to ensure that training will be provided locally, to ensure that Kickstart monies remain in and support the local economy and businesses. 

What’s in it for my organisation?

As well as having staff costs covered at minimum wage level, employers will receive £1,500 for every person they employ through Kickstart. Employers can agree that a proportion of that money be retained by the gateway organisation to provide training support, or opt to take the full £1500 and use it to support the placement.   

DWP work coaches will identify young people who suit the job description and put them forward for consideration for the post. The work coaches will maintain contact with the employer and young person throughout the placement to ensure any necessary support is in place. 

Kickstart placements can start until 31 March 2022, with the final placements ending in September 2022. We will accept applications until 10 December 2021. There is no requirement to keep the young person on beyond the six months, however there is an aspiration that some Kickstart roles will become permanent posts funded by employers. 

How do I apply for Kickstart?

If you are interested in applying for the scheme and think you can offer one or more job placements, please complete our survey and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss.

If you can offer 30 or more posts, you can do so directly by registering for the scheme

Further information

For more information visit Kickstart

Employment support for individuals

If you need help with finding a job or accessing training, contact the Council’s employability team at

Accessing a Kickstart job

Kickstart jobs are for 16-24-year-olds who are in receipt of Universal Credit. If you are interested in the scheme, please speak to your Job Centre work coach. 

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