Traffic lights

Please let us know if traffic lights are broken or faulty: 

Please remember to tell us the precise location of the faulty signal site (eg. the name of the main road and the nearest side road or specific building), the date and time, and as much information as possible about the fault.

Intelligent Transport System

Inappropriate ‘green time’ faults (eg. green times too short) are more difficult to rectify as they may be due to congestion and not an equipment failure. This can be reported using the contact details below.

The ITS Unit is also responsible for maintenance of the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system. These are the electronic displays mounted in bus shelters to predict the arrival of bus services. 

To report a fault with any of these displays please contact us quoting the location of the faulty display with as much information as possible about the fault.

Contact details

Neale Burrows
Intelligent Transport Systems
74-76 Spring Garden
01224 538049

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