Grit bins

Grit bins are provided throughout the city to provide salt, salt/sand mixtures for local residents or any other road user should they choose to use the facility.

You can view the locations of grit bins in your area on our grit bins map.  Housebuilders and developers may have provided additional bins that won't be on our maps and are not filled by the Council.

During prolonged periods of bad weather, all of the city’s grit bins may run empty at the same time and it will take time for the team to refill them all. We will concentrate resources on gritting main roads and priority areas during these periods.

If the grit bin needs topped up, you can report it online

Please be careful whilst making use of grit bins, as it is common for them to be used by some members of the public for the disposal of rubbish, such as glass, sharp metal and, in some instances, syringes which could result in injury to the user should they inadvertently come into contact with this material.

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