Road safety and traffic management advice

The team implement traffic management measures through the 'Small Scale Traffic Management Process' which includes periods of public consultation and requires committee approval to proceed. Various traffic management and parking issues, which have been highlighted by members of the public and elected members, are addressed through this process. The team will offer advice and guidance on any road safety or traffic management related query, for example:

  • Road safety
  • Traffic management
  • Road markings and signs
  • 20mph zones
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Installation of controlled parking zones
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Cycling, walking and safer streets
  • Disabled parking
  • Road safety audits
  • Implementation of all types of waiting / loading restrictions throughout the city (Traffic Regulation Orders)

Safer Routes to School, or A Safer Route to School Scheme, is a multi-disciplinary school-based approach which aims to improve safety and remove barriers to walking and cycling to and from school. 

The Road Safety and Traffic Management Team liaise with school head teachers and community groups in the development of School Travel Plans.

Traffic calming schemes are developed and implemented by the Road Safety and Traffic Management Team. 

Schemes can range from enhanced signing and lining to full width road tables, speed cushions or speed humps. A lengthy consultation period is carried out prior to the implementation of any scheme where local residents and other affected parties are given the opportunity to object to the proposals through the public advert stage of the consultation process for the required Traffic Regulation Order.

Speed and traffic volume surveys are arranged by the team on a regular basis in areas where speeding or excess traffic has been highlighted as an issue. 

Data is gathered using digital traffic counters which are placed on lighting columns or street sign poles to record every passing vehicle movement. The survey data may be used in the development of traffic management or road safety schemes.

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