Report road defects and potholes

If you discover a road defect you should report this to us as soon as possible.

Defects are any faults which are likely to cause danger or serious inconvenience to other users of the road network. You can report these using the buttons below. 

Report potholes or any other faults with the road or pavement surface:

Report any faults with street furniture, fences, barriers, bollards and road structures: 

Report blocked drains or any other faults with drainage on roads:

Report issues with traffic signs:

In an emergency, you can report defects at any time by phoning 03000 200 292. We will make them safe within 2 to 24 hours.

  • Please give as much information as you can, for example, outside a house name or number, near a junction, roundabout or set of traffic lights.
  • You should let us know about problems with any of the following - blocked drains or gulleys, broken or illegible road signs, worn or missing road markings, broken or malfunctioning street lights, loose slabs, uneven footway or cycleway surfaces, damaged fences and barriers, overhanging vegetation causing an obstruction.
  • In general, all serious defects will be repaired within 7 working days. If you think something is presenting a danger to the public and it has not been repaired within that time, please let us know on 03000 200 292 or online.
  • Aberdeen City Council is not responsible for maintaining any private or 'unadopted' roads or trunk roads. Trunk roads such as the A90 North Anderson Drive are the responsibility of Transport Scotland. Go to BEAR Scotland for more information on trunk roads in the North East.
  • There are numerous private (unadopted) roads, lanes and footways in Aberdeen, many of which are used by the public. It is our duty to maintain roads on the Statutory List of Public Roads however we have no obligation to take care of private roads. If you want to find out whether a road has been adopted by the Council, please call 03000 200 292.
  • If the defect is to damaged or dislodged manhole covers, some of these will be the responsibility of utility companies, such as Scottish Water, electricity and telecommunications companies. It should say on the cover who is responsible. Please contact the utility company in question direct if the manhole cover belongs to them. If it is not clear who the cover belongs to, please call us on 03000 200 292 so we can investigate further.


  • A pothole is defined as a sharp edged hole anywhere in the road surface where part or all of the surface layers have been removed. In order for us to consider it a defect and therefore fill it, it generally needs to be more than 50mm deep. However, some potholes in the city centre or on crucial access roads that are deeper than 35mm will be filled. How quickly they are filled depends on the severity and location. If the pothole is in a footway, it needs to be more than 20mm deep before it will be treated as urgent.
  • Potholes can return after being repaired if, in the first instance, it is more practical to do a temporary repair in order to get this done quickly and prevent further deterioration. We may do this if the road is due to be completely resurfaced soon. 

Customer feedback survey

If you've recently reported a problem such as potholes or streetlights being out, please complete our customer feedback survey to give us your views on the service you've received and suggest any improvements.

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