Make a change to a parking permit

If you move house you must update your parking permit. If you don't, it could be cancelled if the new residents apply for a permit. Please complete the online form to make a change to your permit details. If your new address is not within the same parking zone, you will need to return your original permit. 

If you have a fixed permit but change your vehicle, you must also update the details on your permit. You can do this using the online form. You must return your original permit and provide proof of address and proof that you own the new vehicle. . It is not necessary to register a change of vehicle/number plate for flexible parking permits

We charge a £10 administration fee for replacement permits. The replacement permit will be valid for the remaining period of your original permit. 

Temporary change of vehicle

If you have a fixed permit but the car it is assigned to is unavailable to you, you may request a temporary change to your parking permit. This is to allow you to use your permit in a different car for up to seven days.

You must display your permit in the temporary car while it is in use.

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