Apply for a resident parking permit

You are entitled to a parking permit if you live in a controlled parking zone.

Check the Permit Entitlement List to find out if you are entitled to a parking permit and which zone you are in:

In zones A to G you are entitled to one fixed permit. In any other zone, you are entitled to two permits -  you can choose either two fixed permits, or one fixed permit and one flexible permit.

Fixed permits are only valid for one specific vehicle. Flexible permits can be used on any vehicle, such a visitor’s vehicle, or a vehicle that belongs to someone who is working at your house, like a cleaner, carer or nanny.

You can also buy parking vouchers which you can use in any car.

If you already have a resident parking permit, you can renew it online.

To apply for a new parking permit please complete the online form. You will need to set up an online account so you can track your application.

We recognise that you may need support to apply online. You can ask a friend, family member or support worker to apply on your behalf.

If you require dedicated support from us to apply, you can phone our Customer Contact Centre on 03000 200 292 (option 5) and we can provide guidance over the telephone or set up an appointment with you if additional assistance is required. We also have some guidance on how to log on or register for our online services, including  how to complete our online forms available.


The cost of a resident parking permit varies depending on how long you want the permit for and whether the permit is your household's first or second permit. You must pay for the permit by debit or credit card when you apply or renew online.

For all zones, except Y and YY, the first permit costs:

  • £60 for 12 months
  • £33 for 6 months
  • £24 for 3 months

Zones A to G are only entitled to a single permit. For all other zones, except Y and YY, the second permit costs:

  • £140 for 12 months
  • £73 for 6 months
  • £41 for 3 months

Parking permits for zones Y and YY will be provided free of charge until 30 November 2025.

Where you can park

You can use your parking permit in residents only, pay and display, ticket zone and voucher parking bays within your zone only, where without a parking permit you would need to buy a ticket and display this in your car.

Parking permits are not valid in 45-minute parking bays, for parking on single/double yellow or in places with any other type of parking restrictions e.g. loading only bays.

To see which streets a permit allows you to park on please check the Permit Street List:

You are not guaranteed a parking space in your zone. 

More information

Please see the Resident parking permits: frequently asked questions page if you need more information.

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