Parking permits: frequently asked questions

How are parking zones set?

Parking zones are proposed by Aberdeen City Council and are always approved by a Committee of elected Councillors.

Where can I use my parking permit?

You can use your parking permit in residents only, pay and display, ticket zone and voucher parking bays within your zone only, where without a parking permit you would need to buy a ticket and display this in your car. Parking permits are not valid in 45-minute parking bays, for parking on single/double yellow or in places with any other type of parking restrictions e.g. loading only bays.

Are any discounts available for parking permits?

No discounts are available for parking permits.

Can I get a refund for my parking permit if I no longer need it?

No refunds are given on permits no longer required. If you no longer need your permit and it is still valid, please return it in person or by post to the Aberdeen City Council Customer Service Centre, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1AB. The Customer Service Centre is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm.

Am I eligible for a parking permit?

You are entitled to a permit if your usual place of residence or business is within a controlled parking zone. For businesses, you must also be registered as paying Non Domestic Rates to Aberdeen City Council and the vehicle must be used for business purposes, not just for commuting.

Zones A to G are entitled to a maximum of 1 permit which must be fixed.

Zones H to Z and Zone RR are entitled to a maximum of 2 permits (if applying for only one, this can be either fixed or flexible. If applying for two, either at the same time or while one permit is already valid, one permit must be fixed).

What types of parking permits are there?

There are two types of parking permits available – fixed and flexible permits.

A fixed permit means the permit is assigned to a specific vehicle and therefore a specific registration number. The permit can only be used for the vehicle to which the permit is assigned. It cannot be used on any other vehicle. In zones where you are entitled to two permits (all zones except zones A to G) and you want two permits, one of the permits must be fixed while the other permit can be either fixed or flexible.

A flexible permit, available in all zones, except A to G, is a permit which is not assigned to a specific vehicle or specific registration number. It can be used on any vehicle which is used by the person who bought the permit and his or her visitors.

I have a carer / nanny / cleaner. Can I get a parking permit for them?

Provided you live in any zone except zones A to G, you can purchase a flexible permit which you can give to your carer / nanny / cleaner etc when they need to use it. Please note, they can only use the permit when they are visiting your household and they must return the permit to you at the end of their visit.

I have a Motability car. Do I need a residential parking permit?


I'm a Blue Badge holder. Do I need a residential parking permit?

If you are have a Blue Badge you can only park your vehicle, without requiring a permit/payment, in either the 'Pay and Display' parking bays or in the 'Residents Only' parking bays providing your Blue Badge is displayed in their windscreen and is current.

Can I get a residential parking permit for a lease or hire car?


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