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You are entitled to a parking permit if your business is within a controlled parking zone. To find out if you are entitled to a parking permit and which zone you are in, please download the Permit Entitlement List from the Related documents section below. To see which streets a permit allows you to park on please download the Permit Street List from the Related documents section below.

If you are in zones A to G you are entitled to a single fixed permit. If you are in any other zone, you are entitled to two permits. If you are entitled to two permits, you can either have two fixed permits, or one fixed permit and one flexible permit. 

If you already have a business parking permit, you can renew it online

To apply for a new parking permit please complete the online form. You will need to set up an online account with us, so you can track the application:

If you need your parking permit urgently, you can book an appointment to apply in person at Marischal College Customer Service Centre. You can book an appointment by calling 03000 200 292 (option 5).


The cost of a business parking permit depends on the length of time you need it for. Each permit costs: 

  • £160.00 for 3 months
  • £321.00 for 6 months
  • £583.00 for 12 months

More information

Please see the Business parking permits: frequently asked questions page if you need more information.

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