One-tonne salt bags

We have introduced a winter community self-help scheme, providing one-tonne bags of salt to local residents and community groups.

In severe weather conditions some lower priority roads/streets/footpaths may not receive treatment for many days due to multiple treatments required on higher priority roads. The scheme will allow you to treat your street and surrounding footpaths when we are unfortunately unable to.

To date we have delivered seventy community salt bags to community locations across the city this winter and we are delivering more daily as requests are processed. Thank you to all who have engaged in the self-help scheme to date.

What is required to receive a one-tonne salt bag?

You are required to have:

  • A named individual to take responsibility. 
  • A secure location such as a driveway to store it. 
  • Access for our delivery lorry.

Please note we need to assess the drop off location and the space available to accommodate community salt bag provisions for suitability and ease of access before delivery. Once the area has been assessed, we will arrange delivery with you as soon as possible. 

Apply for your one-tonne salt bag

You can also apply by calling 01224 241511 or emailing - we get a lot of requests for salt bags during periods of bad weather but we will make every effort to fulfil your request as soon as possible.

Helpful hints and tips


Salt will remain easier to use if it is:

  • Covered with a polythene sheet;
  • Decanted in to smaller containers for indoor storage or for sharing among neighbours.

How much to use

A little salt can be go a long way. A 10 litre household bucket will hold the equivalent amount of salt for a gritter to treat a third of the footpaths of Union Street.


On many occasions the roads service will treat the priority gritting routes before the onset of bad weather. This can be very effective in preventing snow lying and ice forming.

Our website advises of any severe weather forecast and of the planned treatment of priority routes. You can view more information here: Gritting and Snow Clearing Operations 


Empty salt bags will be removed at the end of the Winter Season. Once we have your address on record, we will enquire as to whether you would like to participate in the scheme again. This can also be arranged by calling the Gritline on 01224 241511 and leaving details of your address.

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