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Aberdeen City Council is examining options for improving access to the new Aberdeen South Harbour (ASH) currently being developed at Nigg Bay, Aberdeen. The project is being funded by the UK and Scottish Governments through the Aberdeen City Region Deal.

The assessment is being carried out in line with STAG (Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance).  This looks at various options for improvement and appraises them against a range of objectives and the ‘STAG criteria’.

The first stage of the STAG process, a Pre- and Part 1 study, was completed in October 2018.  This involved the development of a set of options for improving access to ASH and an initial high-level qualitative appraisal of these options.  Further information on the options developed at the Part 1 stage are available in the Pre- and Part 1 Report and Executive Summary:

The next stage of the STAG process, a STAG Part 2 Appraisal is now being undertaken. This involves a more detailed assessment of the options which emerged from the Part 1 process. 

The STAG Part 2 is anticipated to be complete in the second half of 2020.  Further stages of engagement are planned for Summer 2020, the outcomes of which will feed into the assessment of the options in terms of their public acceptability.  Aberdeen City Council will continue to provide updates as the work is taken forward, and promote opportunities to feed into the study. 

At the end of the STAG process, the outputs from the study will be used by Aberdeen City Council and the wider client group to determine which, if any, of the identified options is taken forward. 


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