Street names and numbers

Under the terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, Aberdeen City Council is responsible for the naming and numbering of new or existing streets and buildings in the city.

It's important that properties have the correct addresses so that postal and emergency services, utility companies and the general public can locate and refer to them.

It can take up to 12 weeks to process an applications for street naming and numbering, so we would encourage you to apply as early as possible.

How to apply

To apply, please submit:

  • A formal letter of application, including the applicant's address.
  • Location and layout plans which clearly show the main entrances to each property. These should be in AutoCad format.
  • For flatted developments, we require floor layouts which show the doors to each flat and identify whether the main access is key coded entry or other.

Please note, as the plans are sent to various bodies for consultation we can only accept Autocad DWGs with minimal construction text included to avoid any confusion.

Please email applications to


Use our online calculator to determine the fee for this service.

Number of plots (A) Base fee (B) Fee per plot (C)
1 to 9 £42 £22
10 to 19 £105 £15
20 to 49 £219 £9
50 to 99 £366 £6
100+ £465 £5

To calculate the required fee first find the range of number of plots (A) you require. You must pay the base fee (B) plus an additional fee (C) per per plot.

For example:

  • 5 Plots: £42 + (5 x £22) = £152
  • 15 Plots: £105 + (15 x £15) = £330
  • 25 Plots: £219 + (25 x £9) = £444

Allocation of new postcodes

Royal Mail will only add new address to its Postcode Address Finder (PAF) after receiving a street naming and numbering application from the Council. Postcodes are only assigned to properties and addresses that are considered as postal delivery points. Royal Mail does not make the addresses ‘live’ on the PAF until the developer or owner informs them that the property is occupied. As soon as the address is made ‘live’ on PAF, it will appear on the Postcode Finder on Royal Mail’s website.

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