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The Masterplanning, Design and Conservation Team provides strategic co-ordination of masterplans, design advice, specialist conservation advice and graphic and technical services for Strategic Place Planning and the City Council.

Design and Development Guidance is available at the link below. These include Interim Planning Advice, Masterplans, Development Frameworks, Design Briefs, Planning Briefs and Planning Studies:

Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings, Townscape Heritage Initiatives, Archaeological Advice and further historic environment related matters can be found at the following link:

There are no current consultations.

Draft Greenferns Development Framework

The consultation is now closed and the results of the Draft Greenferns Development Framework consultation will be presented to Council on 11 December 2017.

Draft Rosemount and Westburn CACA

The draft Rosemount and Westburn Conservation Area Character Appraisal consultation ran from 10 January till 20 February 2017. The details of the consultation can be accessed via the following link:

Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan

Exciting proposals to help shape Aberdeen city centre for the future have been revealed, as the City Centre Masterplan project reaches an important milestone. For more information please see the City Centre Masterplan webpages.

Nigg Bay Development Framework and Environmental Report (Strategic Environmental Assessment)

The results of the public consultation, including any necessary revisions to the Draft Framework and Environmental Report, were reported to the Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Committee on the 20 January 2016.

Please see Committee Services web page for copies of Committee Report. Further information can be accessed here:

Draft Nigg Bay Development Framework Consultation Material 


Following decisions by Council committees, any Interim Planning Advice document(s) currently in the process of being amended and finalised. The document(s) will then be sent to the Scottish Government to be ratified by the Scottish Ministers as Supplementary Guidance. Please scroll to Forthcoming Supplementary Guidance on the following web-page:

Masterplanning is a way of bringing people together to help plan and create better places. It concentrates on the following principles when creating new developments:

  • Good Design
  • Integration
  • Efficiency
  • Movement
  • Consultation

Aberdeen City Council also works closely with Architecture and Design Scotland and their Design Review Panel when developing and approving new Masterplan documents and invites them to comment on Masterplanning proposals. The following link provides further information on the process:

Comments you supply to Aberdeen City Council (ACC) in this public consultation exercise will be used in reviewing the draft document(s); in reporting to Council Committees and therefore will be publicly available. The information collected will be recorded, stored securely and processed for the purposes of this public consultation. ACC will not share the personal information provided with other parties or organisations. ACC will not disclose any information about you to any organisation or person unless it is authorised or required to do so by law. The Masterplanning, Design and Conservation team may use your contact details to contact you about the comments you have made. Your name, address and organisation will be published alongside your comments but other personal contact details such as telephone and e-mail will not be made public.

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