Action programme and monitoring

The Action Programme sets out how Aberdeen City Council proposes to implement the Aberdeen Local Development Plan.

The Action Programme is prepared with the input of the Future Infrastructure Requirements for Services Group (FIRS) to establish the infrastructure requirements to support development. FIRS compromises representatives from Aberdeen City Council, including colleagues representing roads, public transport, transport policy, housing strategy, education, culture and sport, development management and the Developer Obligations Team, Transport Scotland, Nestrans, Scottish Water, and NHS Grampian. The Action Programme is a working document that is continually updated to reflect progress with each proposal.

The Action Programme sets out, where possible:

  • A list of actions required to deliver each of the Plan's proposals and the policies to promote sustainable growth;
  • The name of the person/organisation who is to carry out the action; and
  • The broad timescale for carrying out each action.

You can download the updated Action Programme below:

A working version of the Action Programme will be published quarterly to reflect changes and identify any new actions.

Alongside FIRS, we are keen to hear from developers, agents or landowners who think they would benefit from 'delivery workshops' in order to stimulate discussion, encourage action, and assist with mediation on the delivery of specific sites or masterplan areas identified in the Plan. If you think you have a site or issue which would benefit from discussion we ask that you complete a 'Request To Attend Delivery Workshop' Questionnaire, and return to the address noted below.

Monitoring is carried out to provide up to date information on a range of developments. The most recently published are listed immediately below:

If you have any queries regarding this process please contact us at 

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