Rosemount and Westburn

The Ordnance Survey maps of the 1860s show during that period more than half area of the conservation area was undeveloped, especially between Westburn Road and Mid Stocket Road where there were open fields.

North of the Westburn Road in the area of Cornhill Hospital, practically all of the land was used for the purposes of healthcare, "The Royal Lunatic Asylum" with "airing yards" for exercise, Elmhill House Lunatic Asylum, and an "Hydropathic Establishment" at Loch-head next to Westburn House. Much of the land around these buildings was laid out as parkland with lawns, tree planting, and fields in which residents of the establishments could walk.

To the east between Westburn Road and Mid Stocket Road, were some houses, but a large site consisted of an "Industrial Asylum and Reformatory for Girls". Much of the south-east and eastern areas adjacent to the conservation area boundary was devoted to industry - with a Tannery and Dye Works close to the Den Burn for a supply of water, some 'Handloom' factories, the Rosemount Works and Winery, and the Gilcomston Brewery.

Rosemount first came into existence in 1829 and was named after a house already in the neighbourhood. In the south-west of the area, between Mid Stocket Road and what is now Whitehall Place, were some single large houses -  Belvidere House, Craigiepark House, and Westfield - and some groups of cottages and smaller detached houses. The south west of the area was laid out as a market garden and nursery.

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