Bon Accord/Crown Street

The bridging of the Denburn enabled further development to the west of Aberdeen and the Bon Accord/Crown Street Conservation Area was a planned extension to the early development of Union Street. The Conservation Area is a 19th century neoclassical layout exhibiting strong architectural frontages.

The area is significant as it contains city centre development which was architect-designed and executed according to plan. It provides a good example of residential streets of the period including some of the best Archibald Simpson-attributed work. The area is a dense quarter of the city featuring a diverse range of building types and uses. This ranges from large and grand civic buildings adjacent to more modest residential ones.

The Bon Accord and Crown Street area is from Langstane Place in the north, from the Hardgate in the west, to Crown Terrace in the east. and Rosebank Terrace to the south.

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