Sign up for school balance alerts

Parents and carers can now receive free balance alerts for their child's Accord Card by email so you know when their Accord Card needs to be topped up. The balance alert you receive will contain a link to the online top up facility. It's quick, easy and free to top up the Accord Card online and this means you no longer need to give your child money to take to school. And you know that the money can only be spent in the school's catering facility which provides a healthy and nutritious meal.

How it works

  • You will receive an email at 7pm on Friday confirming the balance at the end of that school day.
  • Balance alerts will stop during school holidays and will start the weekend prior to the start of the new term after school holidays.
  • Outwith school holidays, if the Accord Card is not used for one week, balance alerts will stop until the card is used again.
  • If the Accord Card is not used for an entire school term, your details will automatically be unregistered.

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