Residents Discount Scheme terms and conditions

1 General Information

1.1 The Residents Discount Scheme (the "Scheme") is designed to deliver certain ACC and partner services and activities to Aberdeen City residents at discounted rates.

1.2 For Aberdeen City residents' entitlement to the Scheme is carried on the ACC'S National Entitlement Card (thereafter referred to as "the Accord Card") which can be used to prove local residency for the purposes of the Scheme.

1.3 Non residents can purchase a Visitors Card from the Central Library in Aberdeen. The Visitor Card which is available at a cost of £10, is valid for two years from the date of purchase and entitles the cardholder to take advantage of the majority of the offers and discounts available under the Scheme. Discount and offers funded via the Common Good Fund are available to Aberdeen City residents only.

1.4 Aberdeen City Council and those partner organisations offering a discount under Scheme reserve the right to withdraw or vary offers and discounts at any time without notice. Withdrawal or variation will have immediate effect.

2 The Discount

2.1 The Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other concessionary rates, offers, discounts or preferential rates including those under the Access to Leisure scheme.

2.2 Where cardholders take advantage of offers and/or discounts under the Scheme provided by one of ACC's partner organisations, cardholders enter into a contract with that partner organisation in respect of their purchase.

2.3 ACC accepts no responsibility or liability for any contract between a card holder and a partner organisation.

3 Changes

3.1 Where an Aberdeen City resident moves outside the jurisdiction of ACC, their entitlement to the Scheme will no longer be carried on their Accord Card. A Visitor Card may then be purchased to take advantage of the Scheme.

4 Payments

4.1 The Accord Card is free to all Aberdeen City residents. 

4.2 Non residents can purchase a Visitor Card at a cost of £10 from the Central Library, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, AB25 1GW, Tel: 03000 200293

5 Accord / National Entitlement Card Terms and Conditions

5.1 Visit  our Terms and Conditions page for information relating to Terms and conditions for the Accord Card Scheme.

5.2 Find our more about Visitor Card Terms and Conditions.

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