Get a Young Scot card

If you are aged 11-26, your can use your Accord Card as a Young Scot card and as a proof of age card. 

Young Scot is the national organisation for young people in Scotland. It provides information, discounts, activities and opportunities for young people.

See the Young Scot in Aberdeen web pages for more information about things to do and discounts available locally.

Apply for your first card

If you are applying for your first card because you are moving from an Aberdeen City Council Primary School to an Aberdeen City Council Secondary School, you apply automatically when applying for your Cashless Catering Card.

If you are already at an Aberdeen City Council Secondary School contact your school office and they should be able to arrange a card for you.

If you are no longer at school, print the below application form to complete.  Once you have filled in the form you will need an appointment at one of our offices to complete your application and provide proof of your identity and address. 

You can book an appointment by calling 03000 200 292 (option 5 then option 5).

You must take the following items with you when you go to apply for your card:

  • A passport-sized photo
  • Photographic identification (like a passport)
  • Proof of address (like a bank statement)

You can find a full list of what we accept as proof below:

Once you've filled in the application form, you have to get it validated. If you have applied at one of our offices, they will send your form away to be processed.

Get a replacement card

If you are at an Aberdeen City Council school, contact your school office and they should be able to arrange a card for you.

If you are no longer at school please phone the Aberdeen Young Scot office on 03000 200 292 to get a replacement card.

You can request a photo upgrade and change your address or personal details at one of the offices listed above. You will need to bring proof of address.

If your card was issued by your college or university then please contact them if you need a replacement card.

Save money on travel

If you are 16, 17 or 18 (or aged 19 to 25 and a full-time volunteer) you can get cheaper transport on buses, trains and ferries with your Young Scot card.

In order to get discounts on travel, you must have an upgraded Young Scot card with a pink strip under the date of birth.

If your Young Scot card does not have the pink strip you can ask your school for one if you attend an Aberdeen City Council secondary school, or request a replacement card.

The Young Scot website has full details of travel discounts available on buses, trains and ferries.

First Bus Aberdeen, in partnership with Transport Scotland, has upgraded its ticket machines so if you are aged 16-18 and live in Aberdeen City, you can just swipe your Young Scot card at the ticket machine to get a third off any single adult fare. 

Proof of age

Whether you are 18 and want to buy a drink at a pub or you are 15 and want to buy tickets at a cinema, you may find it useful to be able to prove your age without having to carry a passport or driving licence around with you.

Proof of Age Standard Scheme (PASS) is the UK's national guarantee for proof of age cards and is backed by the Home Office, Police Scotland, the Security Industry Authority and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. The scheme delivers a common standard - the PASS hologram which is an easily recognisable logo to help protect retailers of age restricted goods against being taken in by the many fake cards around. The Accord Card is PASS accredited. 

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