3D Print Service

We are piloting a free 3D Print service at Aberdeen City Libraries! 

Provide us with a 3D file and staff will print a 3D model for you. You can create your own file or download a file for free from the web. 

More information about the service can be found on the 3D Print service FAQs page.

Create your own 3D file

There are free websites available which allow you to design your own 3D file for printing, for example:

Ready made 3D files

View and download freely available 3D files at the following places: 

Technical details

  • Printers: We have two 3D printers - a CEL Robox and an Ultimaker 2 Go. The most accurate printer for the job will be chosen depending on quality, print resolution, density and the colour of the model to be printed. 
  • Filament: We use PLA (Polyactic Acid) filaments to print 3D models. The printers can use one colour of filament at a time.
  • File type: The file types used by our printers are .STL or .GCODE.
  • Size: The maximum size of a printed model is 120 x 120 x 115 mm. If the model is too big, it will be scaled down. 
  • Time: The maximum print time of a model is 6 hours. The printing process cannot be paused and continued the next day. If the model is too big, it will be scaled down or divided into smaller modules. 
  • Test: To test if your design will work in advance there are free web based tools available – for example https://service.netfabb.com
  • Model "support": The software will decide if a support structure is required and it will be added as needed. This will be left for you to remove. 

Contact details

Aberdeen City Libraries
Central Library
Rosemount Viaduct
AB25 1GW
01224 652500


Please note: We reserve the right to refuse to print supplied files. We are not responsible for the improper or illegal use of any printed 3D files submitted for printing.

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