Granite Noir events at Central Library

Granite Noir is inspired by the incredible popularity of crime fiction in all its forms, by the fantastic contribution that Scottish writers make, by our love affair with Nordic Noir, on the page and on screen, and most of all inspired by Aberdeen, which is the perfect backdrop for the festival – steeped in history, atmospheric, quirky and with a strong sense of place. Central Library will play host to the following events taking place during the festival. You can book tickets for all the Granite Noir events through Aberdeen Performing Arts - visit the website or call 01224 641 122.


Children's Workshop with Sarah Todd Taylor

Friday 24 February, 4pm - 5pm at Central Library

Do you have what it takes to become a code-breaking spy extraordinaire? Find out with author Sarah Todd Taylor as she introduces her new series Alice Éclair, Spy Extraordinaire with a top-secret event full of cracking codes and saving the day! You’ll learn about some of the world’s oldest ciphers, discover how Alice and her fellow spies send secret messages and even learn how the computers we have today still use ciphers! Suitable for age 8-12 years.

Tickets £3.50 (booked via Aberdeen Performing Arts)


Face Your Fears with Jonathan Meres and Scaredy Bat

Saturday 25 February, 10am - 11am at Central Library

Jonathan Meres and Scaredy Bat show us that sometimes your biggest fear can help you find your biggest strength. Suitable for age 3-7 years (children must be accompanied by an adult).

Tickets £3.50 (booked via Aberdeen Performing Arts)


Poison Pen Workshop with E.S. Thomson

Saturday 25 February, 11.30am - 1.30pm at Central Library

Arsenic or aconite? Cyanide or curare? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, perhaps the Poison Pen Workshop is for you. Crime fiction is one of the most popular genres. Methods of murder are many and varied, but nothing gives the crime writer as much scope as poison. Beloved by ‘golden age’ writers, such as Christie and Allingham, poisons have much to offer. In this two-hour workshop historical crime writer E.S.Thomson explores poison’s potential for crime. Come prepared to kill your characters.

Tickets £6.50 (booked via Aberdeen Performing Arts)


Children's Detective Adventures

Saturday 25 February, 1pm - 2pm at Central Library

Maz Evans’ Vi is out to save the world, again!  Alice Eclair is a baker by day and France’s youngest spy by night in Sarah Todd Taylor’s latest book.  Fun, frolics and fancies galore as we chat to these two brilliant authors and get to know their brave and intrepid young investigators. Chaired by Amy Liptrott.

Tickets £3.50 (booked via Aberdeen Performing Arts)


Children's Workshop with Maz Evans

Saturday 25 February, 3pm - 4pm at Central Library

Come and create your own mission with Maz in this family creative writing workshop, where she’ll teach you some top tips for making sure your stories are always successful missions.

Tickets £3.50 (booked via Aberdeen Performing Arts)




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